Thursday, December 15, 2016

Show Off - Week 9 Blogging Challenge

Week 9 Edublogger Blog Challenge

    Have you ever been to Oregon or Washington, and seen the beautiful waterfalls? When I took a trip to Oregon one summer, I absolutely loved it! We went all over Oregon, from Hood River, the waterfalls, and several RV parks! During my adventures, I saw many great places, some of which I shall tell you about!
    First, my family all piled into our recreational vehicle, [RV,] and drove all the way from Los Angeles to the city of Portland, Oregon. It took us about three days, and we stopped at nearly every state park to either spend the night, or just to explore. Once we actually made it to our destination, we visited the Columbia River Gorge, where my mom and dad windsurfed. Side note, I did windsurf, but I was stuck in a large lake because my mom thought it was “too dangerous.” After giving it much debate, we all finally agreed to go see as many waterfalls as we could. Taking our rental car over to Oregon, we traveled up and down most of the roads, scouring the land for waterfalls. We ended up only seeing eight, but it was time well spent.
    Second, we went across the Bridge of the Gods, traveling into Washington. For the time spent there, we stayed at an epic RV park called Timberlake RV Park. At this RV park, our spot was completely covered by trees, bushes, the ground being a bunch of gravel. Every night, we would light the campfire to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. There was also an area where you could play with horseshoes.
    Finally, the day had come to go back home. We packed up all of our things, and headed out to Patrick’s Point. We made it there within one day, which was a whole day of driving, and spent three nights there. After yet another debate, we decided to go to the Sacramento River, where we spent another two days, and then drove back to Los Angeles. I hope you enjoyed my story of my family’s adventures, and I hope you can tell me of an awesome road trip of your own! Thanks for reading, and have fun blogging!

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