Thursday, December 1, 2016

What's your favorite subject? - Polls

        The results are in, and it looks like the result of the subject 'elective' has won! The electives here at A.E. Wright Middle are art, computer graphics or advanced computers, spanish, and finally zero period P.E. In the article 'Who invented the concept of "electives" in modern universities and how?' the origin of the concept of the 'elective' came from the president at Harvard University, Charles William Elliot, who gave a famous speech Liberty in Education at his opening speech at the university.
        Even though this is about electives, I just wanted to state some facts about being in a middle school in France! First, the school days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday start at 8:30 am and end at 5pm. On Wednesday it starts at the same time, but ends at 12:35pm. The classes are French, math, history, geography, Earth sciences, English, Latin, arts, music, physical sciences, and gym. In France, you aren't allowed to bring your own lunch to school. Finally, there's between 25 and 31 kids in each class. 
        Thanks for reading, and have fun blogging!

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  1. Sophie,
    I wonder how the students feel about school being out at 5? I wonder if they get all of their work done at school? I think I know the reason why students aren't allowed to bring their lunch to school, but I bet readers would be interested to know:).
    Your blog is so colorful!