ESBC - 16

Activity 1
Images and Attribution/Creative Commons 

The internet is a very diverse place. You can draw a picture by hand, in which there would only be one copy. If you draw it on a computer, you can share it to your friends. But sometimes, someone will claim it as their own. That's where the law comes in. If it is copyrighted, meaning that no one would be able to use if without your permission, then there will only be one copy on the internet, as long as that law stands. If you want other people to use that picture or video, you can use the creative commons license, but you need to give the person (who took the photo, drew the picture, or made the video) credit. To use a copyrighted picture or video, you can pay or ask the owner.  If you liked this post, leave a comment asking if you want to know more! 

Activity 3

(Image provided by Night-fury-fire on DeviantArt)

The sun has set
The night has rose
So here I lie
In blood and gold
My tears of pain
My final breath
Here shall be
My regretful death

In the comments, write your own poems about this picture!

Activity 4


(Sunset by Kutty-Sark)
             As we flew off into the sunset, we knew not of the dangers that lied ahead. My brother and I were the only Dragon's left, and humans would've done anything to get their hands on one of us. My name is Sunset, and my brother's name is Draco. The silence was occasionally broken by the sound of our wing-beats, or the birds chirping in the trees below. Once we were over the mountains covered in shiny white snow, a sound cracked across the sky, and my brother disappeared from my side. 
Where did he go? Decide in the comments!

(Activity 5)

Image result for drawn anime eyes
Image result for drawn heart
Image result for kitten

Guess what this sentence is in the comments! 

(Activity 6)

Image result for someone walking into an arcade
Image result for someone playing on ddr
 Image result for someone getting tickets at an arcade
Image result for someone jumping up and down with excitement
Image result for someone going into a car

(Activity 7)

My Interests! - Look at slide show here

 (Activity 8)

Image created using BeFunky. <-- Click link to go to website!

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